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Hot News:


March 2014:

          Editing begins on book two in the series, “Molly Withers and the Masquerade!”

February 2014:

          Another speaking tour kicks off at Kettleby Public School!

January 2014:

          eBook launch! Get yours at Amazon!


November 2011:

Bob Proctor, star of internationally acclaimed ‘The Secret’ and bestselling author of You Were Born Rich offers a fantastic testimonial for Molly Withers


“Kent Rees has done a beautiful job weaving the laws of the Universe through his book “Molly Withers and the Golden Tree.” Children are in a fortunate position where they’re just making up their minds with respect to the ideas they’re accepting as truth; as adults we have to change our mind to entertain new information. The earlier we can expose children to the Laws and teach them how to work in harmony with them, the more successful they will be!”

January  2010

Radio Disney in partnership with Backstage Creations selected Molly Withers as an official celebrity gift!  Maybe you’ve already seen Molly Withers on ellegirl.com, justjared.com, or inside In Touch Weekly, Hollywood Teenzine, and Quizfest.

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Keke Palmer, Jennifer Stone and many more celebs already have their signed copy...now you too can read what the stars are reading!

Radio Disney Website




Here’s a sample of what  of readers from all over the world

are saying about this hot new action-adventure series!


~ Jenny ~

"Don’t think I am sugar coating in the paragraph to come, because it may be sickly sweet. I LOVE IT. When I finished reading it last night I was frantically searching for more pages. I feel like I am totally at your mercy for more. So, all and all, I'd have to say... please sir, can I have some more? Seriously! I can't get over how amazing it is. It is unbelievable. There's no constructive criticism because there's no criticism. Where ever did this story come from?"


~ Tina ~

"My boys are already asking about tonight...[mom]will you read us another chapter? PULEEEEZE!!!!!! Very cool!"


~ Ramona ~

"Fan-fricken-tastic! The spider webs that light up are a delight! I am really loving your novel and this last chapter was sensational. Snake skeletons, dead, floating ghosties, thumping and breaking up churches and a wee fairy at the end of it all. Sometimes I feel as though this book is written just for me and I think, with a smile, that hopefully it will speak as personally to all who read it and assure its success and importance in such a time as this."


~ Marcela ~

"I really love the whimsical nature of the kingdom you have created and all of the beautiful descriptions. The characters are very endearing. I love Molly's curiosity!”


~ Jen ~

"Alas, I can't sing your praises enough.  I love it in a way I thought was only possible for my Harry (Potter, that is) One of your lines is going down in my "favourites" notebook. "And the wind swung around from the North." I LOVE this line, especially that the North is capitalized. I am so looking forward to the next bit. You're magic!"


~ Fred ~

What a great book. I was in a bookstore where the author was doing a signing, so I picked up a copy. Glad I did. I believe it's written for children and young adults, although...many adults will enjoy it as well since it has a similar appeal as the Harry Potter series. First and foremost though, this is just a great, fun, adventure story. Well written and highly engrossing. Also, it's got a female hero, which is rather rare in this genre.


~ Angela ~

"So I read your first chapter last night….and I have to be fully honest with you…..I was completely intrigued! I think the best part of what you have written so far is that girls will completely relate to the fantasy that you have written and they will find themselves drawn into the world you have created.  I could completely picture myself in Majestica…..I would actually rather be there right now then sitting in my chair eating the oversized grapes and getting ready for the ball!” 


~ Christine ~

"Divine! Very descriptive and full of wacky fun ideas. You write well and full of imagination!"    


~ Gianna ~

"Can I just tell you that I love your writing, the way you describe things, it's kinda captivating and I feel like a little kid reading it. Wow you're a great writer. I am enjoying it, which is surprising because I don't usually like fictional/fantasy books.”


~ Catherine ~

"Magical, mysterious, realistic, fun, wise, enchanting...makes me want to read more; makes me want to live in Majestica; makes me want to read your book under that tree with the four-leafed clovers!"


~ Carole ~

"I am so into your story, you have no idea! You have allowed me to believe that we can all find it within our hearts to forgive "if ever in all the world there was a way to feel lighter, it was to forgive people their trespasses". What a remarkable achievement!!!”


~ Jeffrey ~

"I finished it!!! Great, great! Love the ending! Quite heart warming and the love is the most important."


~ Linda ~

"I  just had to let you know that my daughter (17) just finished your book and LOVED it! She had texted me just to tell me."


~ Megan ~

"Mr. Rees, I loved Molly Withers and the Golden Tree. It was amazing, I could picture everything so perfectly in my mind. I loved the way that Molly had this total innocence to her, and it made her character that much more lovable and I just adored Charlie. I found myself drawn into the book. Completely drawn in. When [you’ll have to read the book] happened, I was actually in tears. I was so overwhelmed, I didn't see that one coming at all. And the Morrukks were so disgusting, and disturbing and totally brilliant. Over all an excellent job and I can't wait to see it on the shelves."


~ Rhonda ~

"Just wanted to let you know that it took me about 6 hours to read your book. It was awesome. I couldn't wait 'til I got to the end and then was said it was over...I can't wait for your next one."             


~ Nancy ~

“I just want to say Thank You....you have allowed the inner child to come back to life. I feel like Molly is a true friend. I am looking forward to your next book....Please write one for all of us grownups who want to feel like kids again. Thank you!”


~ Julia ~

“I just finished your book!!! It was so nice to be able to go back to a place in my mind where magic and myths exist. I loved the positive thinking idea and often find myself doing it myself now lol. Thank you for the wonderful experience and i hope you will be writing a second book to continue Princess Molly and her Knight Charlie's adventures!”


~ Eileen ~

‘I spent 32 years in a classroom and have read tons of children’s books. I can say with all honesty that Molly Withers and the Golden Tree is certainly as good, if not better, than any of the children’s books I have read.  I am looking forward to the sequel.” 


~ Beverly ~

“I just absolutely loved your book and I'm 51 years old so the kids must be over the moon. I have bragged to everyone I know about it and can't wait to get the one for the school. I also have been talking to a friend of mine from Niagara Falls about your story and the wonderful morals behind the story, I think she is about to purchase it as well!”


~ Mary ~

How were you able to portray so well the mind of a little girl?”


~ Jill ~

“I finished reading the book the yesterday and all I have to say is when is the next one coming out.....you  totally left me hanging...I couldn't put the book down....I loved it beyond words!”